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Alleviating Mesh Constraints: Model Reduction, Parallel Time Integration and High Resolution Homogenization

Sujet: Numerical modelling, Model reduction, Karhunen–Loève decomposition, POD, Parallel time integration, Homogenization, Separated representation, Tensor product approximation basis, [SPI.MECA] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Mechanics [], [SPI.MAT] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Materials
Auteur: Chinesta, Francisco, Ammar, Amine, Lemarchand, François, Beauchêne, P., Boust, Fabrice
Résumé: Industrial processes involving composite materials need for efficient numerical simulations in order to optimize the process parameters. Even if the thermo-mechanical models are nowadays well established, efficient simulations need for further developments. In this work we are addressing some of these issues, in particular the one related to fast solutions combining model reduction and parallel time integration. A separated representation will be also proposed in the context of material homogenization allowing to alleviate the usual mesh constraints.
Source: info:eu-repo/semantics/altIdentifier/doi/10.1016/j.cma.2007.07.022
Editeur: HAL CCSD, Elsevier