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On the Torsion Anomalous Conjecture in CM abelian varieties

Sujet: [MATH.MATH-NT] Mathematics [math]/Number Theory [math.NT]
Auteur: Checcoli, Sara, Viada, Evelina
Résumé: The Torsion Anomalous Conjecture (TAC) states that a subvariety V of an abelian variety A has only finitely many maximal torsion anomalous subvarieties. In this work we prove, with an effective method, some cases of the TAC when the ambient variety A has CM, generalising our previous results in products of CM elliptic curves. When V is a curve, we give new results and we deduce some implications on the effective Mordell-Lang Conjecture.
Editeur: HAL CCSD, Mathematical Sciences Publishers