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Evaluation of the efficacy of a commercial inactivated genogroup 2b-based porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) vaccine and experimental live genogroup 1b exposure against 2b challenge

Sujet: [SDV] Life Sciences [q-bio]
Auteur: Opriessnig, Tanja, Gerber, Priscilla F., Shen, Huigang, de Castro, Alessandra Marnie M. G., Zhang, Jianqiang, Chen, Qi, Halbur, Patrick
Résumé: AbstractPorcine epidemic diarrhea virus strains from the G1b cluster are considered less pathogenic compared to the G2b cluster. The aim of this study was to compare the ability of G1b-based live virus exposure against use of a commercial G2b–based inactivated vaccine to protect growing pigs against G2b challenge. Thirty-nine PEDV naïve pigs were randomly divided into five groups: EXP-IM-1b (intramuscular G1b exposure; G2b challenge), EXP-ORAL-1b (oral G1b exposure; G2b challenge), VAC-IM-2b (intramuscular commercial inactivated G2b vaccination; G2b challenge), POS-CONTROL (sham-vaccination; G2b challenge) and NEG-CONTROL (sham-vaccination; sham-challenge). Pigs were vaccinated/exposed at 3 weeks of age (day post-vaccination 0, dpv 0), VAC-IM-2b pigs were revaccinated at dpv 14, and the pigs were challenged at dpv 28. Among all groups, VAC-IM-2b pigs had significantly higher anti-PEDV IgG levels on dpv 21 and 28 while EXP-ORAL-1b pigs had significantly higher anti-PEDV IgA levels on dpv 14, 21, 28 and 35. EXP-ORAL-1b also had detectable IgA in feces. Intramuscular PEDV exposure did not result in a detectable antibody response in EXP-IM-1b pigs. The fecal PEDV RNA levels in VAC-IM-2b pigs were significantly lower 5–7 days after challenge compared to the POS-CONTROL group. Under the study conditions a commercial inactivated G2b-based vaccine protected pigs against G2b challenge, as evidenced by reduction of PEDV RNA in feces for 3–4 logs during peak shedding and a shorter viral shedding duration. The oral, but not the intramuscular, experimental G1b-based live virus exposure induced a high anti-PEDV IgA response prior to challenge, which apparently did not impact PEDV shedding compared to POS-CONTROL pigs.
Source: info:eu-repo/semantics/altIdentifier/doi/10.1186/s13567-017-0472-z
Editeur: HAL CCSD, BioMed Central