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xR2RML: Relational and Non-Relational Databases to RDF Mapping Language

Sujet: linked data, NoSQL, RDF, R2RML, [INFO.INFO-MO] Computer Science [cs]/Modeling and Simulation, [INFO.INFO-DB] Computer Science [cs]/Databases [cs.DB]
Auteur: Michel, Franck, Djimenou, Loïc, Faron-Zucker, Catherine, Montagnat, Johan
Résumé: This document describes xR2RML, a language for expressing customized mappings from various types of databases (XML, object-oriented, NoSQL) to RDF datasets. xR2RML flexibly adapts to heterogeneous query languages and data models while remaining free from any specific language or syntax. It extends R2RML, the W3C recommendation for the mapping of relational databases to RDF, and relies on RML for the handling of various data representation formats.
Editeur: HAL CCSD