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Le problème du fonctionnement du proverbe dans la communication

Sujet: Littérature et techniques d'écritures, langues, Sociologie, ethnologie, moeurs, cultures, problèmes sociaux, éducation
Résumé: The issue of proverb operating in communication is a genuine problem, as understanding the message delivered through the use of proverbs is related to the solving of this problem. To this end, there is need to take into account the two levels or instant level and the semiotic level where the true meaning is “hidden”. The proverb being generally based on images, it operates through analogical reasoning, which, more than the semantic level, implies the semiotic dimension. However, in case the proverb does not include images, its meaning is embedded in the speech, that is, inside the proverb.
Format: application/pdf
Disciplines: Communications, Éducation, Langues, Linguistique, Littératures, Sociologie