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Migration in a Globalised World. New Research Issues and Prospects

Sujet: [SHS:GEO] Humanities and Social Sciences/Geography, [SHS:GEO] Sciences de l'Homme et Société/Géographie, Migrations internationales, Cohésion sociale, Transnationalisme, Réfugiés, Développement
Auteur: Doraï, Mohamed Kamel, Audebert, Cedric
Résumé: In the last two decades, significant changes have taken place in the composition, orientation and dynamics of the international migration in the context of globalisation. Their consequences on the evolution of origin and settlement societies and on transnational relations are remarkable. Migration in Globalised World explores the social challenges associated with these new trends and the way research has responded to them. Theoretical reflections and empirical insights have been conducted along four broad lines: migration and social cohesion; transnationalisation and the transnational approach; the migratThe last two decades have witnessed sweeping changes in the composition, orientation and dynamics of international migration. While it's no surprise these transformations affect societies of origin and settlement, we still seek to understand how and why they carry with them certain social challenges. Migration in a Globalised World shines a light. Ten chapters astutely present theoretical and empirical insights by experts in the fields of international migration and social cohesion, transnationalisation, the migration-development nexus and the ever-blurring categories of refugee and asylum seeker. With its broad thematic scope and lively dialogue between French, Anglo-Saxon and Northern European academic traditions, this volume offers a major new perspective to further research and, potentially, to improve the quality of life in a globalised world.ion-development nexus; and the blurring categories of refugees and asylum seekers. Migration in a Globalised World offers a major new research perspective, whose strength lies in its broad thematic scope and in the dialogue between many academic traditions – among others, French, Anglo-Saxon and Northern European.
Disciplines: Géographie
Régions: Moyen-Orient