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WiMAX Double Movable Boundary Scheme in the vehicle to Infrastructure Communication Scenario

Sujet: [INFO:INFO_NI] Computer Science/Networking and Internet Architecture, [INFO:INFO_NI] Informatique/Réseaux et télécommunications
Auteur: Tohmé, Samir, Naja, Rola, El Helou, Melhem
Résumé: WiMAX is an interesting technology that will be applied in vehicular networks due to the provisioning of high mobility, wide coverage, and different classes of service. In this paper, we investigate the problem of vehicular applications mapping in the Vehicular to Infrastructure scenario and propose a resource allocation algorithm applied in WiMAX networks. The proposed algorithm is a double movable boundary scheme which is based on dynamic sharing of resources between different traffic categories provided by a common resource pool. We provide as well a mathematical model of the mechanism and investigate the impact of critical resource allocation parameters on the overall performance. Performance results show that the algorithm respects the priority of real-time connections and prevents least-priority classes starvation problem. In fact, we strive to achieve two major components: fairness to different classes of service and service differentiation.
Disciplines: Communications, Télécommunications
Régions: Moyen-Orient